Is Your Home Hiding a Mesothelioma Risk? Research Before You Renovate

Veterans know better than most about the dangers of asbestos, and how breathing it in can lead to mesothelioma, lung cancer, and other diseases. During the years prior to World War II and all the way through the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, asbestos contaminated Armed Forces living quarters, ships, vehicles, and even uniforms, and as a result, tens of thousands have been sickened and died from asbestos-related diseases. Just as the government specifically ordered that asbestos be incorporated into all those applications thinking that it would keep service men and women safe and comfortable, so too did the construction industry up until the mid-1980s. Asbestos was used to insulate homes and added to floor and ceiling tiles to reduce noise. It’s only now that we recognize the danger – veterans learned the hard way, and now it’s important to let everybody know about asbestos, as many people are starting to renovate their homes without understanding that they might be putting themselves at risk. Continue reading

Veterans Know California Fires Raise Risk of Future Mesothelioma Diagnoses

Horror and devastation are gripping the state of California right now as flames race across the landscape and destroy all that’s in its path, and veterans who have been diagnosed with malignant mesothelioma fear that the damage is just the start of the fire’s consequences. As has been seen in many previous disasters, when homes and buildings built prior to the 1980s are destroyed, they send clouds of asbestos dust into the air, putting anybody that inhales them at risk of asbestos-related diseases years down the road.

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Agency To Pay Big Penalty for Spying on Asbestos/Mesothelioma Activists

When veterans who have been diagnosed with mesothelioma think of lawsuits about asbestos, they think of victims suing an asbestos company for its role in a victim’s illness — they certainly don’t think of espionage. Yet spying is exactly what a recent lawsuit in the United Kingdom was about, and the result is that a renowned private security firm is going to pay anti-asbestos activists significant damages for having secretly infiltrated their organization.

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Fearing Mesothelioma, Activists Fight Back Against Demolition of Asbestos-Contaminated Library

Though developers are dismissing the concerns of local activists, veterans who have been diagnosed with malignant mesothelioma will readily agree that careless demolition of buildings known to be contaminated with asbestos could have deadly consequences. The topic has brought the community of Ithaca, New York together, as health advocates take action to prevent the developers current plans from moving forward.

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Hotel Owner and Others Fined $140,000 for Exposing Workers to Mesothelioma Risk

When veterans were exposed to asbestos onboard ships, in boiler rooms and in barracks during their years of service, they had no idea that they were being put at risk for malignant mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases. Today we know that the mineral is a dangerous carcinogen, and state and federal laws have been passed to protect workers from similar exposure. Unfortunately, there are still plenty of companies that put profits over people, disregarding the rules and failing to take the appropriate precautions to protect either workers or the public. A recent example can be found in Spokane, Washington, where the companies renovating the 107-year-old Otis Hotel have been fined almost $140,000 for failing to adhere to the rules regarding the handling of the cancer causing material. Continue reading

Nevada Residents Worry About Mesothelioma from Natural Asbestos

Until recently, most residents of southern Nevada had likely never heard of malignant mesothelioma, and if they had, they thought of it as a condition that they weren’t at risk for. But based on studies conducted in the last few years, there are significant deposits of asbestos throughout the area, and the presence of this naturally-occurring mineral is raising concerns as the Boulder City area looks forward to a housing and business boom bought about by the construction of a highway linking the metropolitan areas of Phoenix and Las Vegas. Continue reading

Movies About Mesothelioma and Asbestos Premiere In USA And London

Veterans who have been diagnosed with malignant mesothelioma or other asbestos-related diseases are well aware of the impact that asbestos has on human health, but the same can’t be said for the general public. That all may change with the upcoming release of two new documentaries: one in the United States and one in Europe. Both Dirty Laundry and Breathless were inspired by the deaths of close family members, and both reveal the dark history and outsized power of asbestos companies.

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Many Veterans Affected by Mesothelioma Concerned About Increased Asbestos Use in the U.S.

For many veterans who have been affected by malignant mesothelioma – either through their own illness or the loss of former to the asbestos-related disease – one bright spot has been the hope that the United States would soon ban asbestos outright. The use of the carcinogenic material has been steadily dropping in the United States over the last few decades, and this has been attributed to an interest in improving safety and advocacy on the part of health professionals and victims. Unfortunately, many of the actions that have been taken by anti-asbestos activists in the last few years have been erased by asbestos industry lobbying efforts and anti regulatory activities on the part of the Trump administration. Now it has been revealed that there has been a surge in asbestos imports into the United States. Continue reading

United Kingdom Mesothelioma Patient Sees Quick Response to Claim

In the face of the frustration and challenges that a mesothelioma diagnosis brings, it is nice to hear about a victim getting the justice that they sought and deserve. Such was the case of a man in the United Kingdom whose recent diagnosis with the rare and fatal form of cancer took him and his family by surprise and left him with little time. Mr. C (his family has chosen not to reveal his identity) was diagnosed with the disease when it was already in an extremely advanced stage, and his physicians informed him that though most patients have at least a year in which to settle their affairs, he did not have that much time left to him. In the midst of medical treatments and trying to spend time with his family, he was able to work with an attorney to reach out to his former employer and quickly secured a significant settlement that let him spend his last days with the knowledge that he had secured a level of financial security for his family. Continue reading

Japan’s Post-War Rebuild Tied to Rise in Mesothelioma

In the United States, the years leading up to and following World War II have been directly tied to the rise in asbestos-related diseases like malignant mesothelioma. This is because so much of the war-related construction and manufacturing, as well as many of the applications used by the military, were contaminated with the carcinogenic material. The asbestos problem continued as asbestos was used in buildings and manufacturing all around the country, and this problem was not limited to the United States. Around the world – and particularly in countries that sustained significant damage in the war, new buildings made heavy use of asbestos, and as a result many construction workers in those countries are now being diagnosed with malignant mesothelioma, asbestosis, and asbestos-related lung cancer. While the United Kingdom has already taken action to provide funding for the expenses of those sickened by asbestos, Japan has been slower to respond. Now the courts are starting to take action, and it is expected that if the government does not volunteer to step up and provide compensation for asbestos victims, the country’s Supreme Court is likely to order them to do so.