Air Force Veteran Wins Right to Sue Ford Motor Company Over Asbestos Exposure

Whether your mesothelioma comes from exposure to asbestos during your years of service or over decades of factory work, auto repair, or another source, once you’ve been diagnosed with an asbestos-related disease you face many questions and uncertainties. In addition to finding the best possible medical care and addressing the short- and long-term needs of your family, you also need to decide whether to pursue legal action against the companies responsible for your exposure to the toxic material. For one Air Force veteran, that decision led to him taking on automotive giant Ford Motor Company.

Joh DeCastro was diagnosed with malignant mesothelioma after having served in the Air Force and working for both United Airlines and Pacific Bell Telephone. He was exposed to asbestos in all three of those environments, as well as while pursuing one of his favorite hobbies, maintaining his antique Ford vehicles. He and his wife filed product liability and negligence lawsuits against several defendants including Ford, which he accused of responsibility because their vehicles required asbestos-contaminated parts.

Though Ford attempted to evade being held responsible for Mr. Decastro’s mesothelioma by filing a motion to have the case dismissed, the judge hearing the case denied their motion.  The evidence that he and his wife submitted in support of their case pointed to his work on a minimum of eight different Ford vehicles over the years, including a 1935 Ford coupe, a 1938 Ford coupe, and a 1936 Ford two-door. His work ranged from replacing the engines and carburetors to changing transmissions and replacing brakes. Though Ford did not manufacture or supply the parts, all of the asbestos-contaminated parts were required for the vehicles to operate as they were designed to be. As a result, the judge in the case agreed that the case should be decided by a jury.

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Author: Terri Oppenheimer

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